“A Decade of Hollywood’s Sexiest Men: A Look Back at the Sexiest Men Alive from 2014 to 2023”



A Decade of Hollywood’s Sexiest Men: A Quick Look Back
Over the last ten years, People magazine has crowned some of Hollywood’s most charismatic and talented men as the Sexiest Man Alive. Let’s take a quick tour of these past decade heartthrobs, exploring both their work and personal lives.
Patrick Dempsey – 2023
Known for his swoon-worthy role as Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey’s career spans romantic comedies and thrilling action films. He’s not just a talented actor; he’s also dedicated to philanthropy through the Dempsey Center, supporting cancer patients and their families.

Chris Evans – 2022
The iconic Captain America, Chris Evans, is celebrated not only for his superhero role but also for his performances in films like Knives Out and Snowpiercer. He’s known for his acting skills, rugged good looks, and his commitment to social and political advocacy, including causes like mental health awareness and voting rights.

Paul Rudd – 2021
Paul Rudd’s title as the Sexiest Man Alive left many wondering if he’s found the fountain of youth. With timeless good looks and a charming wit, Rudd’s career spans numerous genres, from hilarious comedies to action-packed superhero movies. In his personal life, he’s known for his unassuming and humble nature.
Michael B. Jordan – 2020
Michael B. Jordan has captured audiences’ attention with his impressive acting skills and undeniable charisma. Known for roles in critically acclaimed films, he’s an advocate for diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, even founding Outlier Society Productions for diverse storytelling.

John Legend – 2019
A multifaceted talent celebrated for his soulful voice, John Legend’s career is marked by chart-topping hits and unforgettable performances. In his personal life, he shares a heartwarming family dynamic with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their children.

Idris Elba – 2018
A versatile actor known for captivating presence on both the small and big screens, Idris Elba’s distinctive voice and suave demeanor have made him a true heartthrob. In his personal life, he’s a DJ and musician, showcasing his artistic range.

Blake Shelton – 2017
Country music superstar Blake Shelton’s music career has been a constant source of charm. His good-humored and down-to-earth personality has made him a favorite on The Voice. His romance with fellow singer Gwen Stefani captured the hearts of fans.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 2016
Dwayne Johnson, a former professional wrestler turned actor, was named the Sexiest Man Alive in 2016. Known for his roles in blockbuster action movies, Johnson’s charisma extends far beyond his physical strength. His motivational speeches and social media presence have inspired countless fans.

David Beckham – 2015
David Beckham’s combination of athleticism, style, and philanthropy made him a global phenomenon. His impressive career in sports and ventures in the fashion industry have solidified his status as a sex symbol. In his personal life, he’s a devoted husband to Victoria Beckham and a loving father to their children, with support for various charitable causes.

Chris Hemsworth – 2014
Australia’s heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was named the Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. Hemsworth’s towering physique and rugged handsomeness have made him an international heartthrob. In his personal life, he enjoys the simple pleasures of family life in Australia with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their children.
These ten remarkable men have graced People magazine’s cover as the Sexiest Men Alive in the past decade. As we look forward, we can’t wait to see who will join this prestigious list, bringing their unique charm to the forefront.