📺 Anupamaa Serial Update: Anupamaa Faces Heartbreak! 💔



😢 Anupamaa (played by Rupali Ganguly) is enduring unimaginable pain as she witnesses her beloved Anuj Kapadia (portrayed by Gaurav Khanna) tying the knot with Shruti (played by Sukriti Kandpal). To add to the agony, she’s even a part of their sangeet ceremony, showcasing her culinary skills as a chef. 😔

💪 Anupamaa’s strength knows no bounds as she tries to remain unaffected by Anuj and Shruti’s union. But there’s one thing that breaks her spirit – the hatred and neglect from her own daughter, Aadhya (played by Aurra Bhatnagar). As a mother, Anupamaa can endure any pain, but the indifference of her daughter hits her the hardest. 💔

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