Behind the Scenes of Saathiya: Vivek Oberoi’s Grit and Passion



Vivek Oberoi Reminisces About Saathiya Shoot: A Journey of Grit and Passion

In a recent interview, Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi delved into the challenges he faced during the filming of the iconic movie Saathiya, co-starring Rani Mukerji. Despite being hailed as one of the finest actors in the industry, Oberoi encountered skepticism from peers, including mentor Ram Gopal Varma, who cautioned against his decision to take on a romantic role, citing his action hero image. However, driven by his passion for the script and the opportunity to collaborate with director Shaad Ali, Oberoi embraced the project, even though it meant stepping out of his comfort zone.

Reflecting on the shoot, Oberoi revealed the gritty realities behind the glitz of Bollywood. With his debut film Company yet to hit the screens, Oberoi found himself navigating the challenges of a tight budget and grueling schedules. Scenes were filmed in makeshift locations like railway stations, with the actor resorting to sleeping on benches due to budget constraints. His commitment to the role even led him to change clothes in restaurant toilets, highlighting the resourcefulness and dedication required to bring the story to life.

Despite the hardships, Oberoi’s perseverance paid off, with Saathiya garnering critical acclaim and cementing his status as a versatile actor. The experience also marked a turning point in his career, as fans flocked to the sets, chanting his character’s name from Company, ‘Chandu Bhai’. This newfound fame brought with it security concerns, underscoring the transformative impact of his work onscreen.

Through his candid revelations, Vivek Oberoi offers a glimpse into the untold challenges and triumphs that shaped the making of Saathiya, a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences to this day.