Charlie Puth’s Fiancée Brooke Sansone: A Love Story Rooted in Friendship



Charlie Puth recently shared the delightful news of his engagement to Brooke Sansone, unveiling their love story in a heartwarming Instagram post. As fans celebrate this new chapter in Puth’s life, let’s explore the life and career of the woman who captured the singer’s heart.

Childhood Friends Turned Lovers

Charlie Puth and Brooke Sansone’s love story traces back to their New Jersey hometown. Growing up in the same place, their families shared close connections, laying the foundation for their romance.

While rumors of their relationship circulated since the summer of 2022, the couple officially confirmed their love on Instagram in December of the same year. Making their first public appearance at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala in Los Angeles, Puth emphasized the comfort of having someone familiar amid the chaos of his career. Sansone’s connection to Puth’s family and unwavering support promise stability in the highs and lows of life.

The Proposal and Celebrations

Charlie Puth’s Instagram post unveiling the engagement captured the couple’s joy at the famed Lucali in Brooklyn. The heartfelt caption expressed Puth’s happiness and gratitude for Sansone, giving fans a peek into their celebratory moments.

Know More About Brooke Sansone

Sansone, a marketing graduate from the College of Charleston, has carved a career path in digital marketing and public relations. Currently with Butter and Eggs Interiors in N.Y.C., she showcases creativity and flair in her professional endeavors.

Formerly the Social Media Marketing Manager at Hyer Home in Charleston, South Carolina, Sansone’s impressive resume includes a marketing internship during her college years. Her rich background in marketing allows her to navigate digital communication and public relations seamlessly.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sansone is passionate about fashion, running the Instagram account, The Closet Next Door, with over 43,000 followers. Active on TikTok, she shares daily looks, clothing hauls, and lifestyle content.

Brooke Sansone’s Instagram reflects her love for travel, documenting adventures in Italy, Cape Town, Japan, Vietnam, and more. Her exploration of the world with Charlie Puth adds a touch of wanderlust to their love story.