Cher’s Conservatorship Bid Denied: Son Elijah Blue Allman’s Legal Battle Unfolds Amid Concerns and Court Dispute



Cher Faces Setback as Temporary Conservatorship Request for Son Elijah Blue Allman Is Denied

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui rejected Cher’s bid for temporary conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman’s estates in a recent hearing. The judge highlighted that Allman had demonstrated financial responsibility, maintaining an apartment and remaining drug-free, factors Cher cited as grounds for conservatorship. Judge Uzcategui emphasized the lack of concrete evidence supporting Cher’s request, stating that fears and hypotheticals alone are insufficient for a probate conservatorship.

During the January 29 hearing, attended by Allman, his estranged wife Mariangela King, and Cher remotely, the judge ruled against granting a temporary, emergency conservatorship. The court expressed the need for substantial evidence to justify such a measure. Allman’s legal representatives urged Cher’s team to release withheld financial distributions directly to him, a request Cher’s attorney confirmed, specifying the funds would go to vendors instead of Allman.

Despite the denial, Allman’s lawyer expressed satisfaction outside the court, stating, “We are thrilled that the court saw that he does not need a temporary conservatorship. He’s got a lot of support, he’s doing great.” However, Elijah Blue Allman’s relief may be temporary, as the court is set to reevaluate Cher’s conservatorship request on March 6.

Cher filed the emergency conservatorship request in early January, expressing concerns about Allman’s mental health and substance abuse issues jeopardizing trust fund distributions. The legal documents emphasized Cher’s worry that funds allocated to Allman would be spent on drugs, leaving him with no assets for self-sustainment and risking his life. Cher also argued against Allman’s wife, Mariangela King, serving as his conservator, citing their tumultuous relationship marked by drug addiction and mental health crises. The court will continue to address the case’s legal complexities in the upcoming hearing.