“Farrey Debut: Malaika Arora Applauds Alizeh Agnihotri’s Exceptional Performance”



Salman Khan’s niece, Alizeh Agnihotri, is gearing up for her debut film “Farrey,” and Malaika Arora has taken to social media to applaud her performance. In an Instagram post on November 18, Malaika expressed admiration for Alizeh’s journey and wished her success in the film.

Malaika Arora’s post highlighted Alizeh Agnihotri’s evolution from a tomboy within the family to a captivating talent in front of the camera. She praised Alizeh’s exceptional performance in “Farrey,” emphasizing her impeccable talent and contribution to the film. Malaika also acknowledged the film’s significance, stating that it holds a special place for everyone, including Alizeh’s parents.

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Alizeh Agnihotri reflected on the valuable lessons she has learned from Salman Khan’s enduring career. She admired Salman’s youthful energy and unwavering passion for every film, highlighting his admirable commitment to the craft.

“Farrey,” directed by Soumendra Padhi and co-produced by Salman Khan, features a cast including Alizeh Agnihotri, Sahil Mehta, Zeyn Shaw, Prasanna Bisht, Ronit Roy, and Juhi Babbar Soni. The film is set to hit screens on November 24, 2023, marking Alizeh’s debut in the world of cinema.