“From First Meeting to Rekindled Love: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship Journey”



Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: A Relationship Timeline

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s whirlwind romance has been a rollercoaster journey. Let’s take a simpler look at their relationship timeline:
March 2020: The First Meeting
– Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly met while filming “Midnight in the Switchgrass” in Puerto Rico.
May 2020: Getting Closer
– In May, they were frequently seen together, sparking rumors of romance.
– They spent quality time at Megan’s house when her kids were with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green.
May 2020: Fueling Dating Rumors
– They were spotted together multiple times in May, further fueling dating rumors.
May 20, 2020: Megan in MGK’s Music Video
– Megan Fox appeared in Machine Gun Kelly’s music video for “Bloody Valentine,” featuring intimate scenes.
June 2020: MGK’s Unique Compliment
– MGK made headlines by praising Megan Fox’s feet, calling them “the most beautiful feet that exist.”
July 22, 2020: First Joint Interview
– Megan Fox described their connection as a “twin flame” on a podcast episode.
August 17, 2022: Dispelling Breakup Rumors
– They put breakup rumors to rest with a public display of affection during a lunch date in Brentwood, California.
February 13, 2023: Working on Their Relationship
– Reports suggested they were working on their relationship despite challenges.
February 19, 2023: Addressing Cheating Rumors
– Megan Fox denied cheating rumors in an Instagram statement, clarifying their relationship status.
February 28, 2023: Couples Therapy
– The couple started couples therapy to reconcile their differences.
March 15, 2023: Challenges Continue
– Reports indicated that their reconciliation wasn’t straightforward, and they faced ongoing challenges.
March 22, 2023: Official “Break”
– Officially, they took a break, but they remained in contact, navigating their relationship complexities.
March 26, 2023: Trust Issues
– Megan Fox had difficulty trusting Machine Gun Kelly, and their relationship remained uncertain with ups and downs.
April 4, 2023: Hawaiian Getaway
– They were spotted on a Hawaiian vacation, suggesting progress in repairing their relationship.
April 6, 2023: MGK’s Efforts
– Reports indicated MGK’s efforts to win back Megan Fox.
April 8, 2023: Holding Hands in Hawaii
– Pictures of them holding hands during their Hawaiian getaway signaled progress.
May 19, 2023: Gradual Reconciliation
– Reports suggested they were making gradual progress in reconciling, although challenges remained.
May 30, 2023: Attending an Event
– They were seen attending an event in London, indicating efforts to repair their relationship.
July 16, 2023: Public Affection
– MGK left a flirtatious comment on Megan’s Instagram post, showing his admiration.
August 4, 2023: Back Together
– An insider confirmed their full reconciliation, with a focus on future plans, engagement, and wedding preparations.
August 8, 2023: Supporting Megan’s Book
– MGK expressed his support for Megan Fox’s upcoming book of poems, showcasing pride in her creative endeavor.