Julia Roberts: Exploring Missed Opportunities and Hollywood Journeys



Discover Julia Roberts’ Hollywood journey, from turning down roles like You’ve Got Mail to her desire for a My Best Friend’s Wedding sequel.

In Hollywood, role decisions can shape an actor’s career. Julia Roberts, the iconic actress, recently shared insights into roles she passed on and her wish for a sequel.

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Roberts discussed the volatility of getting roles in the industry. She revealed passing on roles, notably You’ve Got Mail, recognizing not every role suits every actor. Roberts admitted, “What have I passed on that went on to be great? You’ve Got Mail.”

Roberts shed light on Hollywood’s casting dynamics, sharing instances where roles meant for others ended up with her. She said, “Cate Blanchett was supposed to be in Closer, but she got pregnant, so I got that part. I’ve lucked into some good stuff.”

In another revelation, Roberts expressed interest in a My Best Friend’s Wedding sequel. Reflecting on the ensemble cast and unresolved tales, she humorously suggested her character should have ended up with Michael.

Julia Roberts’ Hollywood journey, marked by iconic roles and a few passed opportunities, reflects the unpredictable film industry. From turning down roles to desiring sequels, Roberts’ career remains captivating and remarkable.