Matthew Perry Foundation: Continuing the Legacy of Helping Those with Substance Abuse



 “Matthew Perry’s Legacy: Foundation to Aid Those with Substance Abuse Struggles”

Following the tragic passing of ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry, his close associates have established the Matthew Perry Foundation, dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with substance abuse. A website has been created for the foundation, allowing donations to support its mission.

The foundation’s mission statement reflects Matthew Perry’s unwavering commitment to helping those battling addiction. It aims to honor his legacy and draw inspiration from his words, experiences, and his passion for making a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

Prior to his untimely death at the age of 54, Matthew Perry had been actively working on launching an organization to aid people struggling with substance abuse. Although still in the early stages of development, those close to him are determined to carry out his plan in his memory. They intend to name the foundation after him to pay tribute to his lasting impact.

In his memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,’ released in 2022, the ‘Fools Rush In’ actor candidly shared his battles with addiction. During an interview promoting the book, Matthew expressed his desire to assist individuals grappling with substance abuse issues, emphasizing his commitment to helping those seeking recovery.

He envisioned leaving a legacy focused on helping people overcome their struggles with addiction, a mission he passionately pursued. Matthew’s passing occurred on October 28 at his Los Angeles home, with the cause of death reported as an apparent drowning in his jacuzzi. His ‘Friends’ co-stars released a joint statement expressing their profound sorrow and emphasizing the bond they shared as a cast and a family. They conveyed their condolences to Matthew’s family, friends, and fans worldwide.