“Neena Gupta’s Candid Take: Rethinking Feminism, Financial Independence, and the Notion of ‘Women Need Men'”



In a recent interview, Neena Gupta expressed her views on feminism, referring to it as ‘faltu’ and emphasizing the importance of financial independence for both genders. The veteran actress believes in the significance of women being self-reliant but also asserts that “women need men” for certain reasons.



During a conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia, Gupta stressed the need to focus on financial independence rather than adhering to what she termed as ‘faltu feminism’β€”the idea that women are equal to men. She encouraged individuals, including housewives, to value their roles, build self-esteem, and avoid diminishing their own significance.
Gupta went on to state that men and women are not equal, highlighting a specific incident from her past to support her viewpoint. Recounting a time when she had to catch an early morning flight and felt unsafe walking alone in the dark, she acknowledged the societal need for men in certain situations.
She elaborated on the incident, explaining that, being single at the time, she had to stay at a male friend’s house for safety. Gupta emphasized that her experience highlighted the societal reliance on men for protection and security. She concluded by sharing her challenges being single, mentioning the misconceptions and difficulties she faced in social situations.
In summary, Neena Gupta advocates for financial independence while acknowledging the societal context where women may, at times, rely on men for certain aspects of safety and support.