Parenting Wisdom from Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett: Embracing Stability and Transition



Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett’s Parenting Advice: Stability and Presence

Renowned actor Courtney B. Vance and his wife Angela Bassett recently shared insights into their parenting journey as their twins, Bronwyn and Slater, headed off to college at the age of 18. Amidst the challenges of balancing careers and family life, the couple emphasized the importance of stability and consistency.

Vance, 63, disclosed that following the birth of their fraternal twins in 2006, he and Bassett, 65, made a commitment to prioritize their family’s needs. They established a rule that one parent would always be present at home, ensuring that their children were not solely cared for by a nanny.

“Our mantra was, ‘Somebody’s going to be home,'” Vance explained. “We’re never going to have both of us gone at the same time and the nanny raising the children.”

Despite their demanding careers, both Vance and Bassett made efforts to maintain a balance between work and family. Vance noted that his job allowed him the flexibility to return home frequently, while Bassett, facing challenges with early mornings and late nights due to her commitments to the show “9-1-1,” hoped to inspire her children through her dedication and success.

“I feel a little guilt in that,” Bassett admitted, “but also I hope that what will come out of that is that [my kids] see a mama, a woman, a Black woman achieving her dreams, having success.”

As their twins transitioned to college and the couple entered the phase of empty nesters, Vance reflected on their journey together. “Our life has been getting ready for this,” he remarked, acknowledging that they must now adapt to a new reality of having an empty nest.

“It’s another transition,” Vance added. “We’ve went down the baby aisle, now we’ve got to go down the empty nest aisle and get used to them not being here.”

With their children beginning a new chapter in their lives, Vance and Bassett are embracing this new phase and the changes it brings.

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