“Prince William’s Singapore Visit: Explaining Kate Middleton’s Absence and Environmental Advocacy”



Prince William’s recent visit to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize and United for Wildlife program brought attention to Kate Middleton’s absence. Addressing the United for Wildlife summit, Prince William condemned the “greed and exploitation” causing wildlife endangerment, revealing why Kate wasn’t with him.

During his Monday speech in Singapore, Prince William explained Kate’s absence, citing a crucial family reasonβ€”Prince George’s educational commitments. The Prince of Wales expressed, “Catherine is very sorry she can’t be here. She is helping George through his first set of major exams.” Kensington Palace had confirmed Prince William’s solo trip due to their son’s academic responsibilities.

This marked Kate’s first absence from the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony, an event she had attended for the past two years. Prince William initiated the Earthshot Prize in 2020 to address global environmental challenges, committed to awarding prizes by 2030.

Prince William’s Singapore visit served the Earthshot Prize’s third annual event and United for Wildlife program. He emphasized the need to protect the natural world from criminal syndicates exploiting it. During his speech, Prince William highlighted environmental challenges, stating, “Namibia, home to the largest number of black rhinos in the world, saw a devastating 93% increase in rhino poaching from 2021 to 2022.”

Calling for collective determination to defeat criminal gangs causing environmental and human loss, he concluded, “This is a battle that can and must be won.”