Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up About Unprofessional On-Set Experience



Rebecca Ferguson Recounts Unprofessional On-Set Experience

Rebecca Ferguson, acclaimed for her role in “Dune: Part Two,” recently shared a harrowing incident from a past film project. Speaking on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast, Ferguson revealed an unsettling encounter with a co-star’s unprofessional behavior that left her feeling vulnerable and upset.

During the podcast, Ferguson recounted working with a co-star whom she described as “an absolute idiot.” The individual’s insecurity and anger over struggling with scenes led to distressing confrontations, including being screamed at on set, causing Ferguson to walk off in tears.

The situation escalated as the co-star publicly berated Ferguson in front of the crew, questioning her abilities as an actor. Despite standing as the lead without a safety net, Ferguson found herself unsupported and vulnerable.

In a bold move, Ferguson confronted the co-star, demanding they leave the set and expressing her refusal to work with them again. However, resistance from the production team prolonged the ordeal, with Ferguson feeling unsupported until she bravely stood her ground and advocated for herself.

Although Ferguson did not disclose the co-star’s identity, her account resonated with many on social media, garnering support from colleagues like Dwayne Johnson, who commended her courage and resilience in facing mistreatment on set.