Vicky Jain’s Playful Response to Ankita Lokhande’s Bigg Boss 17 Journey: ‘Mere Di Ka Top Pe Hai Woh



In a surprising turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Lokhande failed to secure a spot in the Top 3, leaving fans and even Salman Khan in disbelief. Salman expressed his disappointment, declaring Ankita as his winner. However, Vicky Jain, Ankita’s husband, took a lighthearted approach to her eviction, stating that he doesn’t care about her not making it to the top 3.

During a recent appearance in town, Vicky Jain, when asked about Ankita not being in the top 4, nonchalantly responded, “Mere di ka top pe hai woh.” When questioned about when fans would see them together, he playfully mentioned that he already stays with Ankita.

Despite their apparent conflicts on the show, Ankita and Vicky insist that their relationship is authentic, emphasizing that disagreements are a normal part of every couple’s dynamics. The couple aims to dispel the negative narrative surrounding them, asserting the genuine nature of their bond.