Wax Figure Mix-Up: Justin Bieber or Liam Payne



Madame Tussauds Hollywood recently marked Justin Bieber’s 30th birthday with a surprise gift: a wax figure inspired by the singer’s appearance in his “Peaches” music video. However, the unveiling sparked confusion among fans who couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance to Liam Payne from One Direction. The figure, complete with Bieber’s signature style including a white beanie and neon-pink pants, also features intricate details like his facial hair and tattoos. Despite previous wax figures capturing different stages of Bieber’s career, this latest rendition left fans questioning its accuracy on social media. While some expressed doubts and humorous comparisons to Liam Payne, others defended the tribute. Regardless of the mixed reactions, the statue serves as a testament to Bieber’s enduring popularity and musical evolution as he enters his thirties.