Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart: Navigating the Twists and Turns of Two Decades in the Spotlight



Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart’s marriage has faced ups and downs, marked by two divorce filings in their two-decade union. The recent divorce announcement in September follows their initial filing in 2015, where irreconcilable differences were cited. Despite dismissing the petition in 2017, Alvina filed for divorce once again in March 2022, seeking spousal support, attorney fees, and an equal division of community property.

Alvina, born in 1970, prefers a private life. The couple, who began dating in high school, shares two children: daughter Kyra, 27, and son Nathan, 23, known for his role in Netflix’s “Richie Rich.” Alvina and Anthony align on parenting values, emphasizing rules, schoolwork, chores, and community service over indulgence. In 2013, Anthony’s Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis led Alvina to encourage a healthier lifestyle for the family.

Despite challenges, their commitment to co-parenting and shared values remains evident. The couple’s journey reflects a blend of personal and public moments, navigating the complexities of marriage in the spotlight.