Anupamaa: Sudhanshu Pandey Talks Fan Sentiments and the Everlasting Appeal of Vanraj-Anupama Dynamic



Sudhanshu Pandey, in an exclusive interview, acknowledges the enduring fan support for the Vanraj-Anupama dynamic in “Anupamaa.” Despite the current focus on the MaAn storyline, he reflects on the initial love triangle that gripped viewers’ attention. Sudhanshu appreciates the intricacies of the relationships and how the Vanraj-Anupama-Kavya saga contributed to the show’s strong start in terms of content and TRP.

Revealing ongoing fan sentiments, Sudhanshu expresses awareness of those who still miss the chemistry between Vanraj and Anupama. He emphasizes that their equation, whether together or apart, has consistently resonated with the audience. The actor acknowledges the show’s peak TRP during the dramatic men-women-other woman storyline, recognizing the impact it had on viewers. Sudhanshu notes the fans’ yearning for the triumphant Anupama confronting the challenging Vanraj and the desire for the return of their light moments, which had previously gone viral.

While the current plot revolves around Anuj and Anu meeting, potential hurdles to their reunion arise due to Aadhya. Meanwhile, Vanraj faces a possible trip to America to obtain Anupama’s signature on property papers. Sudhanshu hints at future developments, suggesting that the makers are aware of the audience’s desire for the rekindling of moments between Anupama and Vanraj, indicating that these flavors will be revisited in the show.