Barrymore’s Family Fun: Going Commando and Playboy Tactics



Drew Barrymore, known for her charismatic hosting on The Drew Barrymore Show, recently shared some amusing family anecdotes during a lively episode. Alongside co-host Ross Mathews and guests Boy George and Chloe Fineman, Barrymore delved into topics ranging from going commando to parenting struggles.

Interrupting Mathews’ query about going commando, Barrymore enthusiastically confessed to enjoying the practice. However, she humorously revealed that her daughter often tries to ‘pants’ her as a playful joke, knowing she’s not wearing underwear. Despite the light-hearted nature of the prank, Barrymore clarified it’s strictly an “inside the house thing.”

Adding to the laughter, Barrymore disclosed her daughter’s unconventional bargaining tactic, invoking her past Playboy cover during disputes about attire. Christina Aguilera, another guest on the show and a mother herself, shared similar experiences with her daughter’s fashion choices.

Both Barrymore and Aguilera emphasized the importance of empowering their daughters while instilling a strong sense of self-awareness. Barrymore, who shares two daughters with ex-husband Will Kopelman, and Aguilera, who has a daughter and a son from previous relationships, highlighted the need for open communication and self-confidence in parenting.

In a delightful twist, Barrymore didn’t reveal which daughter was behind the pantsing antics, adding to the charm and mystery of her family dynamics.