Joey Graziadei’s Brave Revelation: Navigating Gilbert Syndrome on ‘The Bachelor’ Journey



Joey Graziadei, of ‘The Bachelor’ Fame, Shares Personal Journey with Gilbert Syndrome

Joey Graziadei, known to fans of ‘The Bachelor’, recently opened up about his battle with Gilbert Syndrome, shedding light on the condition after fans noticed a yellowish tint in his eyes. Graziadei, in a candid Instagram video, disclosed that he was diagnosed with Gilbert Syndrome during his high school years. This condition, characterized by sporadic yellowish skin and eye discoloration due to elevated bilirubin levels, is generally harmless and inherited. Graziadei reassured his followers that while his eyes may appear jaundiced, he is otherwise healthy, as confirmed by medical professionals.

In his video, Graziadei recounted a routine doctor’s visit during which elevated bilirubin levels were discovered, prompting further examinations. Despite concerns about potential liver issues, medical experts diagnosed him with Gilbert Syndrome, a benign condition that requires no specific treatment. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining overall well-being, Graziadei outlined his proactive health strategies, including prioritizing hydration, sufficient sleep, and stress management.

As he prepares to appear on ‘The Bachelor’, Graziadei expressed gratitude for the concern shown by fans and assured them of his well-being. His openness about his medical journey not only raises awareness about Gilbert Syndrome but also serves as a reminder to prioritize health and self-care. Catch Joey Graziadei on ‘The Bachelor’, premiering Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.