“Behind the Scenes of Koffee With Karan: Karan Johar Reveals Criteria for Guest Combinations in Season Eight”



“Karan Johar Unveils Behind-the-Scenes of Koffee With Karan Guest Selection Process”

Renowned filmmaker Karan Johar recently shed light on the intricacies of selecting guest combinations for the upcoming eighth season of his iconic talk show, Koffee With Karan. During a press conference in Mumbai, Johar shared crucial insights into the criteria guiding this process.

Highlighting two pivotal factors, Johar emphasized that guests must genuinely express a desire to participate in the show, and their availability during the specified time frame is a critical consideration. He acknowledged the practical challenges of orchestrating pairings within a condensed schedule, often requiring the completion of an entire set within just a month and a half. Johar stressed the significance of external factors, such as guests’ schedules and commitments, which are frequently overlooked.

Reflecting on the complexities, Johar stated, “It’s very easy for you to say, get A and B together, but are A and B in town during that time? Are they busy? Do they even want to come? I can’t force anyone to come on the show.” He continued, “It’s availability, it’s intent, it’s infrastructure, it’s so much. So much goes into combining two people together. And that’s the God’s honest truth. Everybody has said, why can’t you get, you know, and I’m like, I’m not a magician.” Johar’s candid insights provide a glimpse into the meticulous process behind curating engaging guest combinations for the beloved show.