Bharti Singh on Why “Husband” Feels Awkward



In her recent vlog on the Life of Limbachiyaa’s (LOL) YouTube channel, Bharti Singh, the renowned comedian, shared insights into why she feels awkward when someone refers to Haarsh Limbachiyaa as her husband. Known for her humor, Bharti walked viewers through her morning routine and opened up about her unique perspective on marriage.

The vlog kicks off with Bharti’s morning walk, where she candidly discusses her attempts to maintain a regular walking routine. During this time, her son, Laksh Singh Limbachiyaa, joins her in the park, adding heartwarming moments to the video. Bharti, displaying a post-walk glow, shares that both her son and husband have awakened.

The highlight of the vlog revolves around Bharti’s laughter-filled confession. She admits to feeling awkward when people refer to Haarsh as her husband, expressing that the term makes her think of someone more mature, like an uncle. Bharti emphasizes that their relationship feels more like friendship than a traditional marital bond. She playfully says, “When someone says, ‘Where is your husband?’ I ask, husband? I feel like a husband will be some uncle-type man. It doesn’t feel like they are talking about Haarsh. We are friends, right.”

Bharti Singh, a prominent television personality, rose to fame through shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Comedy Circus, and The Kapil Sharma Show. She tied the knot with screenwriter and producer Haarsh Limbachiyaa in 2017, and the couple welcomed their first child, Laksh Singh Limbachiyaa, in 2022. This vlog provides a lighthearted glimpse into Bharti’s perspective on the unique dynamics of her marital relationship.