Meet Bianca Censori: A Guide to Kanye West’s Wife



In a surprising twist, Kanye West has reportedly tied the knot with Australian architect Bianca Censori, just shy of two months since his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. Despite a private ceremony, no official marriage certificate has been filed, leaving the legal status of their union uncertain, as per TMZ. Speculation has arisen as Kanye has been spotted sporting a substantial gold band on his marriage finger, suggesting a potential secret ceremony.

This clandestine marriage follows Kanye’s seven-year marriage to Kim Kardashian, which concluded in 2021, and mandated him to pay $200,000 monthly in child support. Kanye’s unexpected union with Bianca, who bears a striking resemblance to Kim, has left many intrigued. Let’s delve into what we know about Kanye’s new bride.

Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori, 28, heads the architecture department at Kanye’s Yeezy brand. Their professional connection dates back to November 2020, raising questions about when their personal relationship began. Before joining Yeezy, Bianca worked as a student architect at DP Toscano Architects in Australia from July 2017 to June 2020.

Bianca Censori Educational Background

Bianca devoted years to studying architecture, completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne from 2013 to 2017. She returned to the same university to pursue her master’s degree in architecture from 2019 to 2020.

When Did They Get Married?

Although the news of Kanye and Bianca’s marriage was unexpected, they were spotted having a meal together at the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria in January 2023. Reports suggest they celebrated their nuptials with a honeymoon at the Armangiri resort in Utah.

Kanye’s Musical Tribute

In December, Kanye shared a song on Instagram titled “Censori Overload” or “Someday We’ll All Be Free,” referencing his new wife. While the lyrics don’t directly mention Bianca, there are lines alluding to marriage and personal struggles.

Bianca’s Entrepreneurial Past

Before her architectural career, Bianca briefly owned Nylons Jewellery, a company she operated during her college years from August 2013 to July 2017. The current status of the company’s website is unclear.

Family’s Initial Reaction

Bianca’s family expressed joy about the marriage initially, with her sister calling it “exciting news” and requesting privacy. However, reports later surfaced, suggesting her loved ones urged her to reconsider her relationship with Kanye by late 2023.

The unexpected turn of events surrounding Kanye West and Bianca Censori’s relationship continues to captivate public attention.