Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan Reflects on Eviction and Relationships Inside the House



In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, the spotlight turned to Sana Raees Khan as she bid farewell to the reality show. Sharing insights into her journey inside the Bigg Boss house, Sana didn’t hold back on expressing her candid opinions about fellow contestants and the dynamics she experienced.

When questioned about her friendships in the house, Sana acknowledged that some connections were formed strategically for the sake of the game. She admitted, “Kuch dosti toh meri convenience ke hisaab se thi, I’ll be very honest (Some friendships were based on my convenience, I’ll be very honest).” Elaborating on this, she mentioned contestants like Rinku, labeling them as boring and clarifying that outside the Bigg Boss house, she wouldn’t engage in conversation with such individuals if not for the game.

Expressing her perspective on Munawar, Sana found him to be boring, despite acknowledging his sweetness and support. She confessed to being unable to establish a genuine connection with him. When asked about contestants she wouldn’t want to meet again, Neil and Rinku were named, emphasizing her limited and uninteresting communication with them.

On the personal front, Sana discussed her close friendship with Vicky Jain and expressed her desire for Ankita Lokhande to win Bigg Boss 17. Her eviction from the show marked the end of her journey inside the Bigg Boss house, leaving fans curious about the unfolding dynamics among the remaining contestants.

As the drama unfolds in Bigg Boss 17, Sana Raees Khan’s reflections on friendships, strategic alliances, and her preferences shed light on the intricate relationships shaping the reality show’s narrative. The audience awaits further twists and turns as contestants navigate the challenges of the Bigg Boss house, vying for the coveted title.**