Supergirl Casting Shake-Up: Rumors Surrounding DCU’s Superman: Legacy



Recent rumors suggest that Supergirl may not appear in DCU’s “Superman: Legacy” amid reports of actress Sasha Calle being recast. Calle, known for her role in The Flash movie, might not continue as Supergirl in the DCU, with James Gunn reportedly seeking a new actress for the role.

While only David Corenswet is officially confirmed for the titular role in “Superman: Legacy,” rumors indicate a recasting for Supergirl. Daniel Richtman, also known as DanielRPK, claims that Sasha Calle won’t reprise her role, and casting is underway for Gunn’s vision of Supergirl in the upcoming DCU installment.

The article suggests that despite initial expectations of Supergirl joining the cast of “Superman: Legacy,” the character might undergo a change in portrayal. The movie’s director has kept details under wraps, addressing various rumors but confirming a release date of July 11, 2025, for “Superman: Legacy.”

As fans eagerly await more updates, the article leaves room for speculation on the direction DCU will take with the Supergirl character in this new cinematic universe.