Bobby Deol Aims for Hindi Fluency as He Nurtures Sons’ Bollywood Aspirations



Following the success of his recent film “Animal,” actor Bobby Deol has set his sights on grooming his sons, Aryaman and Dharam, for their potential Bollywood debuts. Emphasizing the importance of Hindi fluency in the industry, Bobby expresses his desire for his sons to master the language before stepping into acting.

Key Insights:

Success with “Animal”: Bobby Deol, riding high on the success of “Animal,” shifts focus to his sons’ entry into Bollywood.

Language Mastery: Recognizing the significance of fluency in Hindi, Bobby advises his sons to enhance their command over the language to streamline the learning of dialogues and immerse themselves in characters.

Language Challenge: Acknowledging the prevalent trend of English communication, Bobby urges aspiring actors to prioritize Hindi proficiency, highlighting its crucial role in connecting with the Indian audience.

Bobby Deol’s Perspective:

In an interview with Film Companion, Bobby stresses the need for aspiring actors, including his sons, to prioritize honing their Hindi skills. He highlights the prevalence of English communication among the youth and underscores the importance of fluency in connecting with the audience emotionally.

Delving deeper into the topic, Bobby notes that a solid command over Hindi allows actors to effortlessly grasp their lines and genuinely feel their characters. He encourages his sons, Aryaman and Dharam, to develop this language proficiency as they pursue their acting aspirations.

The Road Ahead for Aryaman and Dharam:

In a previous interview with India Today, Bobby shared insights into his sons’ Bollywood dreams. While Aryaman and Dharam aspire to enter the film industry, Bobby reveals that it might take another 3–4 years. Aryaman, the elder son, invests time in rigorous training to hone his skills. Additionally, Dharam, the younger one, independently explored filmmaking during the COVID period, showcasing unique attributes that Bobby eagerly anticipates seeing on the big screen.

As Bobby Deol continues to guide his sons through the nuances of the industry, he emphasizes the importance of language mastery as a fundamental step toward a successful acting career in Bollywood.