Bigg Boss 17 Drama: Munawar Faruqui’s Love Life Unraveled



Bigg Boss 17 took an unexpected turn when actress Ayesha Khan dropped a bombshell, claiming Munawar Faruqui was juggling two relationships—Nazila Sitashi and herself. In a dramatic Instagram LIVE session, Nazila confirmed their breakup, expressing her desire to distance herself from the comedian-rapper.

Munawar, on the show, professed his love for Nazila, pledging to reconcile after the show. However, Ayesha’s revelation left viewers stunned. Nazila’s subsequent Instagram LIVE shed light on her side, tearfully revealing Munawar’s repeated pattern of behavior and involvement with other women.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Munawar’s on-air explanation, Nazila lamented the intrusion into her private life on national television. She firmly stated this was her final word on the matter, emphasizing her wish to move forward.

Amidst hate comments on social media, Nazila clarified she wasn’t seeking fame and requested fans not to pressure her to forgive Munawar. Ayesha’s entry into Bigg Boss 17 brought the confrontation to the forefront, where Munawar admitted to faking his relationship on the show while trying to reconcile with his ex.

The unfolding drama raises questions about Munawar’s sincerity, leaving fans eager to see how this saga plays out on the reality show’s stage.