George Clooney Opens Up About Matthew Perry’s Struggles on ‘Friends’ Set



In a candid December 19 interview, George Clooney, renowned for his role in ER, shared insights into his late friend Matthew Perry’s experiences during his time on the iconic sitcom Friends. Despite the show’s colossal success, Clooney revealed that Perry was not content.

In the interview with Deadline, Clooney disclosed, “He wasn’t happy. It didn’t bring him joy or happiness or peace.” Perry, known for his role as Chandler Bing, had expressed a desire for a regular sitcom, believing it would bring him unparalleled happiness. Clooney reflected on the difficulty of witnessing Perry’s internal struggles, particularly during their time at Warner Brothers, where they both worked on ER and Friends.

George, who had known Perry since their teenage years, expressed the challenge of understanding Perry’s emotional state. He disclosed, “We just knew that he wasn’t happy, and I had no idea he was doing what, 12 Vicodin a day and all the stuff he talked about, all that heartbreaking stuff.”

Highlighting that fame and success did not guarantee happiness for Perry, Clooney underscored the significance of finding contentment in one’s life. He reminisced about their close friendship, recalling moments from their teenage years playing paddle tennis together. Clooney also praised the camaraderie on the Friends set, describing it as a “fun time.”

Matthew Perry’s passing on October 28, with the official cause attributed to the “acute effects of ketamine,” shed light on his prolonged struggle with sobriety. Sources hinted at concerns regarding a potential drug overdose, adding to the challenges Perry faced in maintaining sobriety over the years, resulting in moments of shame.