Exploring Robin Williams’ Children: Zak, Zelda, and Cody



The late and beloved actor, Robin Williams, left a lasting legacy that extends to his three childrenβ€”Zak, Zelda, and Cody. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Zelda Williams, one of the actor’s children, shared insights into the family’s cherished Tuesday dinner tradition, offering a glimpse into their lives and relationships with their iconic father.

Zak Williams

Born in 1983, Zak Williams, the eldest, has become a mental health advocate. Despite facing personal challenges following Robin’s passing in 2014, Zak launched PYM (Prepare Your Mind), a mental health support-focused company. Overcoming struggles with depression and anxiety, he now shares his journey and continues to honor his father’s legacy through advocacy work and heartfelt tributes on social media. Zak is happily married to Olivia June, and the couple has two children.

Zelda Williams

Born in 1989, Zelda embraced Hollywood early on, acting alongside her father in films and later pursuing a career in the industry. As an actress and filmmaker, she has made notable contributions, with an upcoming directorial project in a zombie rom-com titled “Lisa Frankenstein.” Zelda cherishes the unique family tradition of gathering for dinner every Tuesday, creating a special bond in the Williams household. In a candid conversation with PEOPLE, she highlighted the significance of cooking together as a family, emphasizing its importance in their lives.

Cody Williams

The youngest sibling, Cody, born in 1991, leads a relatively private life. In 2019, he married Maria Flores on what would have been Robin’s 68th birthday, commemorating the occasion with a heartfelt ceremony at Cody’s childhood home. The wedding included touching tributes to their lost loved ones, creating a poignant moment for family and friends. While maintaining a low profile, Cody’s personal milestones and tributes reflect a deep connection to his father’s memory.

Collectively, Robin Williams’ children are carving unique paths, contributing to preserving the spirit of joy and love that defined their father’s remarkable life. As they navigate their individual journeys, the Williams siblings continue to honor and celebrate the enduring legacy of Robin Williams.