BravoCon 2023 Drama: Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney Reflect on Panel Controversy and Tom Sandoval’s Reception



During BravoCon 2023, the Vanderpump Rules cast and producers found themselves at the center of drama, notably involving Tom Sandoval amid a cheating scandal. Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, both stars on the show, sat down with People Magazine to share their thoughts on the intense controversy.
Ariana Madix kicked off the conversation by acknowledging that BravoCon always brings a unique kind of energy. Maloney chimed in, describing it as “feral energy,” with people going “buck wild,” creating an atmosphere of collective, sometimes toxic, energy. Madix humorously noted that it’s this dynamic that makes BravoCon so entertaining, often featuring crossover show hook-ups and panel drama.

The drama escalated as Tom Sandoval faced severe backlash during the BravoCon event, where the crowd continuously booed him. Ariana Madix deemed this reaction “to be expected,” given the gravity of the cheating scandal.
In a surprising turn, Lisa Vanderpump stepped in to defend Tom and Ariana during the panel. Expressing her affection for each cast member individually, she acknowledged their past mistakes, emphasizing that she can’t judge them based on one episode. Vanderpump, playing the role of a maternal figure, highlighted the intense relationships that have developed among the cast since well before the show’s inception. She underlined the challenging nature of this season for Tom and Ariana but asserted that Vanderpump Rules is far from “Little House on the Prairie.”

Ariana Madix opened up about the tough filming process following the betrayal she experienced. Describing it as weird and difficult, she expressed relief that it’s now behind her. Despite anticipating strong and negative emotions, she acknowledged the resilience learned through the challenging experiences of the past year.
In the midst of BravoCon drama, the Vanderpump Rules cast navigates controversies and personal challenges, offering fans a glimpse into the complexities of their relationships both on and off the screen.