Gen V Superheroes: The Boys’ Marvel and DC Inspirations



The Gen V series, adapted from The Boys comics, brings a unique twist to the superhero genre, offering a dark take on ‘sad sh-t crazy’ supes and a corrupt corporation. Drawing inspiration from Marvel and DC comics, here are some of the Gen V superheroes and their counterparts from the established comic universes.

Marie Moreau (Bloody Marie?) and Brother Blood:

Marie’s intense and gruesome powers find a parallel in DC’s Brother Blood, both mastering the manipulation of blood. Despite initial judgments on Marie’s abilities, she emerges as one of the most formidable supes. Brother Blood complements this theme with added skills like healing, mind control, and energy blasts.

Emma – The Shrinking Giant:

Emma’s powers of shrinking draw comparison to Marvel’s Ant-Man. However, her unique twist lies in the ability to become a giant by consuming enough. Unlike Ant-Man, Emma can organically harness her powers without relying on a suit.

Luke – Godolkin University’s Golden Boy:

Luke’s fiery abilities, allowing him to light himself on fire without harm, reflect the traits of Marvel’s Human Torch. While both characters control fire, Luke’s portrayal doesn’t delve into the intricate control of nearby fire elements seen in his Marvel counterpart.

Andre – New Polarity, Manipulator of Magnetic Fields:

Andre’s manipulation of magnetic fields resonates with Marvel’s Magneto. The Gen V villain showcases control and generation of magnetic fields, leaving room for potential exploration, such as flight through gravity manipulation.

Cate Dunlap – The Marvel Parody with Telepathic Abilities:

Cate Dunlap stands out as a clear parody of Marvel’s Jean Grey, particularly Dark Phoenix. Both characters possess telepathic abilities, enabling mind control, thought reading, and instant emotion sensing. A specific scene in Episode 6 mirrors the classic Dr. Xavier-Jane meeting from the X-Men universe.

In Gen V, The Boys’ universe crafts a diabolical narrative of superhumans, each paying homage to the iconic characters from Marvel and DC comics.