“Lisa Kudrow Spills FRIENDS Secrets: The Inappropriate Meme Sender and Unprecedented Cast Bond”



Lisa Kudrow once spilled the beans on which FRIENDS co-star was prone to sending inappropriate memes. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kudrow played a game called “Lisa Blanking Kudrow.” When asked who in the FRIENDS cast was most likely to send an inappropriate meme, she swiftly responded with “Me, because I would think it means something, and then everyone would say, ‘Why’d you do that? That’s not what that means.'”

Despite the sitcom coming to an end, Kudrow’s affection for her castmates, including Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, remains strong. In a surprising revelation, Kudrow shared that she wasn’t necessarily closest to specific cast members but had a special connection with everyone, particularly evident as the show concluded.

Reflecting on the camaraderie among the cast, Kudrow expressed, “I didn’t realize until the show ended how rare it is how much this cast gets along together and how much we still love each other.” Backstage sources from the sitcom confirmed this closeness, noting that the cast shared a locker room and rarely interacted with guest stars during their cameo appearances.