“Controversy Erupts as Angelo Mathews Slams Bangladesh’s Timed Out Appeal”



Angelo Mathews criticized Shakib Al Hasan and the Bangladesh cricket team for not withdrawing their appeal in a recent World Cup 2023 match. Mathews was declared “timed out,” a rare dismissal in cricket, when Bangladesh appealed during the 25th over of Sri Lanka’s innings. The appeal came after Mathews’ helmet strap broke. The on-field umpires, Richard Illingworth and Marias Erasmus, asked Shakib twice if he wanted to withdraw the appeal, considering the equipment malfunction, but he refused, leading to Mathews being given out.

According to ICC playing conditions, a new batsman must be ready to face the next ball within two minutes of the previous dismissal. The umpires ruled that Mathews had taken more than two minutes, even before his helmet strap broke, and therefore declared him out. Mathews disputed this, claiming he had video evidence to support his case.

Mathews called Shakib’s actions “disgraceful” and expressed disappointment in the lack of common sense in this situation. He stated that he had the utmost respect for Shakib and the Bangladesh team before this incident, but his perception changed after the match.

He emphasized that he had followed the two-minute rule and had video evidence to prove it. Mathews believed that no other team would have taken this action, as it was a clear case of equipment malfunction and a safety issue, as playing without a helmet is dangerous.

Mathews also questioned the umpires’ decision not to review the incident using available technology and expressed his shock at the situation, saying he had never seen a team stoop so low in his 15-year career. While he acknowledged that the outcome might not have changed, he believed that common sense should have prevailed in this case.