Family Struggles Amidst Celebrity Marriages: Sania Mirza’s Son Faces Bullying after Shoaib Malik’s Third Wedding



In recent developments, reports have surfaced concerning the well-being of Sania Mirza’s son, Izhaan, in light of Shoaib Malik’s announcement of his third marriage to Pakistani actress Sana Javed. Allegedly, Izhaan is facing bullying at school, prompting concerns about his mental health.

According to a video shared on Farah Iqrar’s YouTube channel, journalist Naeem Hanif from Samaa TV claimed to have spoken with Sania Mirza after Shoaib Malik’s marriage announcement. In the video, Hanif suggests that Izhaan is undergoing emotional distress due to bullying at school, with peers teasing him about his father’s recent marriage. Mirza expressed deep concern, stating that Izhaan has stopped attending school altogether.

The buzz surrounding the marriage and divorce saga intensified when Shoaib Malik shared photos of his wedding with Sana Javed on social media. Sania Mirza’s sister, Anam Mirza, later confirmed the divorce on Instagram, mentioning that Sania and Shoaib had been separated for a few months. Sania’s father had earlier disclosed in an interview with PTI that she obtained a divorce through ‘khula’.

These recent events have sparked conversations online, shedding light on the personal struggles faced by Izhaan Mirza Malik as he navigates the challenges of his parents’ publicized separation and his father’s subsequent marriage. The Mirza family has emphasized the need for privacy during this delicate time in Sania Mirza’s life.