Jai Hanuman’s Triumph and the Quest for Mahesh Babu: Prasanth Varma’s Vision Unveiled



Prasanth Varma, the director of the surprise hit HanuMan, is eyeing Mahesh Babu for a key role in his next venture, Jai Hanuman. The film, which garnered praise for its modern take on the story of Lord Hanuman and impressive VFX within a modest budget of Rs 50 crores, has proven to be a commercial success, raking in profits exceeding Rs 100 crores.

In a recent interview, Prasanth Varma expressed his desire to cast Mahesh Babu as Lord Rama in Jai Hanuman, considering it a significant addition to the movie. Fans of Mahesh Babu lauded his divine on-screen presence, asserting that he possesses the ideal countenance to portray Lord Rama. However, some noted that Mahesh Babu has never appeared shirtless in his previous films, sparking discussions among enthusiasts.

The success of HanuMan has elevated Prasanth Varma’s standing in the industry, prompting several Telugu actors to extend their congratulations. The film emerged as the most successful release during Sankranthi 2024, surpassing competitors like Saindhav, Guntur Kaaram, Ayalaan, Captain Miller, and others.

With profits exceeding Rs 100 crores solely from theatrical business, HanuMan joins the ranks of blockbusters like Baahubali, Baahubali 2, and RRR. Its global earnings reached Rs 275 crores, including substantial collections from overseas. Notably, the production house Mythiri Movie Makers contributed Rs five crore towards the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, further solidifying HanuMan’s impact beyond the screen.