Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Divergent Christmas Treats for Kids Saint and North



In a playful display of friendly competition, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West each orchestrated enchanting Disneyland adventures for their children, Saint and North West, in the wake of the elaborate Christmas Day festivities.

Kim Kardashian swiftly transitioned into supermom mode, treating her 8-year-old son, Saint West, and his friends to a magical day at Disneyland. Donning a chic black and gray ensemble with oversized shades, Kim led the group through the theme park’s adventure rides. Videos captured moments of joy as the mother-son duo experienced the Silly Symphony swings and embarked on the Incredicoaster, even though the latter plan was abandoned after a 10-minute wait.

Meanwhile, earlier in December, Kanye West, accompanied by his wife Bianca Censori, treated their daughter, North West, to a Disneyland extravaganza. Attempting to maintain a low profile, Kanye and Bianca strolled through the park hand in hand with North. The trio explored attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Frontilanders, a dedicated section filled with various amusements.

The playful one-upmanship between Kim and Kanye reflects their commitment to creating cherished moments for their children, with both parents vying for the title of the ultimate fun provider. However, this friendly competition is not exclusive to North and Saint, as the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan frequently indulges in Disneyland outings, making it a cherished tradition for the family.