Temporary Replacement for Kirsten Storms’ Maxie Jones on General Hospital Revealed



General Hospital, a soap opera with an impressive 60-year history, is temporarily replacing Kirsten Storms, who portrays Maxie Jones, with seasoned actress Nicole Paggi. This substitution is prompted by Storms’ ongoing health issues, which originated in 2021 when she underwent surgery to remove a cyst from her brain.

Storms’ health challenges have been a recurring theme over the years, leading to intermittent breaks from the show due to medical emergencies. The situation escalated when she discovered that severe neck pain and migraines were linked to a fluid-filled cyst in her brain. After confirming her condition through an MRI, Storms underwent surgery to prevent further complications.

Despite her health struggles, Storms continued working in the months leading up to her surgery, with the support of her exceptional co-workers. In 2021, her character was written off the main show, with Maxie departing to Texas. Now, as Maxie Jones prepares to return, and with Storms still on medical leave, Nicole Paggi steps into the role temporarily.

Nicole Paggi, a 40-year-old actress, boasts a notable career, including roles such as Jennie Bradbury in Pasadena, Britney in Providence, Sara Crawford in One on One, and Sydney Shanowski in Hope and Faith. After taking time off to raise her two children away from LA, Paggi returned to acting, featuring in 9-1-1 in 2018 and The Rookie: Feds in 2022. Her latest stint involves portraying Maxie Jones in General Hospital until Kirsten Storms makes a full recovery.

This isn’t the first instance of a temporary recast for Maxie Jones, as Jen Lilley took on the role in 2011, and Mollie Burnett filled in during Storms’ previous hiatuses over the last decade.