Mean Girls Musical Film Trailer Sparks Criticism on Twitter



The Mean Girls musical film trailer has triggered disappointment and critique on Twitter (now X), with users expressing concerns about the film’s potential success. From casting choices to marketing decisions, fans are skeptical about Tina Fey’s latest venture into the Mean Girls universe. Let’s break down the key points contributing to the sentiment that the musical film may fall short of expectations.

Missing Musical Elements in the Trailer

The absence of the original musical soundtrack in the trailer has left fans puzzled and raised doubts about the film’s commitment to the musical format. This omission has sparked concerns about the overall coherence of the adaptation.

Controversial Casting Choices, Especially Aaron Samuels

The casting of Aaron Samuels has been a contentious point, with dissatisfaction expressed by many. This casting choice has fueled concerns that the film might not capture the essence of the original Mean Girls.

Low Budget Wardrobe and Aesthetic Choices

Critics have questioned the seemingly low-budget wardrobe choices, suggesting a resemblance to fast-fashion brand Shein. Aesthetic discrepancies have added to concerns about the production’s overall quality, with comments like “this isn’t mean girls; it’s shein girls.”

Attempt to ‘Reimagine’ a Previously Flopped Musical

The decision to ‘reimagine’ a classic based on a previously challenged musical has sparked skepticism. Many question the necessity and potential success of this movie musical.

Misleading Trailer Downplaying Musical Elements

The film’s first trailer has been criticized for downplaying its identity as a musical, leaving viewers puzzled about the extent of the musical elements. The lack of emphasis on original songs and choreography has contributed to disappointment among fans.

As the Mean Girls musical film trailer faces criticism, fans and critics are questioning Tina Fey’s creative choices. With a slated release date of January 12, 2024, the film’s success remains uncertain. The cast, including Angourie Rice and ReneΓ© Rapp, faces the challenge of living up to the iconic status of the original Mean Girls. The ongoing sentiment suggests a cautious approach to the highly-anticipated release, with many hoping the film will defy expectations and deliver a memorable experience.