Travis Scott’s Heartwarming Surprise Onstage: Daughter Stormi Steals the Show



Travis Scott surprised his audience during a recent concert in Los Angeles with a heartwarming moment featuring his daughter, Stormi Webster. The 5-year-old joined her father on stage at LA’s So-Fi Stadium, creating a special father-daughter bond that captivated fans. Stormi’s entrance, securely strapped in and holding Travis’s hand during his performance of “Floating Cranium,” left the audience in awe.

The adorable moment became a highlight on social media, with fans expressing delight in witnessing the happiness and contentment in Travis Scott’s demeanor around his daughter. This isn’t Stormi’s first appearance in her father’s musical world; she previously made her debut on Travis Scott’s album, Utopia, with her spirited voice heard in the song “Thank God.”

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, Stormi’s parents, have been co-parenting since their relationship ended in late 2022. Despite the complexities, they welcomed another son, Aire, shortly before their split. Kylie, currently dating Timothee Chalamet, shared in a recent interview that they are doing the best job in navigating their co-parenting journey.