Neil Bhatt’s Sister Reacts to His Bigg Boss 17 Fights with Wife Aishwarya Sharma, Addresses Trolling



Sikha Bhatt, the sister of Bigg Boss 17 contestant Neil Bhatt, has responded to the heated conflicts between Neil and his wife, Aishwarya Sharma, in the reality show. Shikha expressed that while they weren’t overly concerned, the family was upset and experienced a setback witnessing the disputes. She emphasized that, in real life, Neil and Aishwarya, whom she considers an ideal couple, are not like the portrayals seen on the show.

Addressing the trolling faced by Aishwarya, labeled as a red flag for men, Shikha shared that this wasn’t the first time they had encountered online criticism. She pointed out the audience’s limited understanding of a celebrity’s full story, the pressures they face, and the triggering topics that may lead to such reactions. Shikha acknowledged the complex nature of these situations and how they become prominent stories in the realm of TV news.

Expressing gratitude, Shikha thanked Salman Khan for providing feedback to Neil and Aishwarya, helping them comprehend the situation. She commended the couple for taking the feedback positively and not merely dwelling on the criticism.