Salman Khan Films Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Casting Calls Pledges Legal Action



Salman Khan Films Issues Stern Warning Against False Casting Calls, Vows Legal Action

Salman Khan Films, the production company associated with Bollywood megastar Salman Khan, has issued a cautionary statement urging the public to exercise caution regarding deceptive casting calls circulating via email. The production house is prepared to take legal action against individuals found guilty of such fraudulent activities.

Renowned for his decades-long career and involvement in iconic films, Salman Khan holds a prominent position in Bollywood. The allure of collaborating with him and his banner often attracts opportunistic scammers. In response to this, Salman Khan Films has recently issued a public warning to thwart potential victims.

On January 30th, the official social media account of Salman Khan Films posted a notice on X (formerly Twitter), clarifying that neither Salman Khan nor his production company is currently engaged in casting for any upcoming film. The statement emphasized that no casting agents have been appointed for future film projects.

In an effort to protect aspiring talents and individuals from falling victim to fraudulent schemes, the statement advised against trusting any emails or messages related to casting purportedly from Salman Khan Films. The warning explicitly stated, “Please do not trust any emails or messages received by you for this purpose.” Salman Khan Films asserted their commitment to taking legal action against any party found illegitimately using Salman Khan’s or the production company’s name.

This stern message serves as a proactive measure to safeguard the reputation of Salman Khan Films and to discourage fraudulent casting calls, reinforcing the commitment to ensuring authenticity in the film industry.