America Ferrera Reflects on the ‘Insanity’ of Hollywood Deeming Her ‘Average-Size Body’ as ‘Groundbreaking



America Ferrera finds it bewildering that her “average-size body” was once considered “groundbreaking” by Hollywood’s standards. Speaking candidly in a recent Elle interview, the 39-year-old actress reflected on the early days of her career, where she unintentionally challenged conventional beauty norms.

Expressing her incredulity, Ferrera remarked, “What’s so insane is, you go back and look, and I had a very average-size body. And so the idea that people were looking at me and saying, ‘That’s curvy’ is crazy.”

The “Ugly Betty” star highlighted the absurdity of being labeled as “groundbreaking” simply for not conforming to the stereotypical Hollywood physique. Ferrera emphasized, “I was Hollywood’s version of imperfect, which seems so ridiculous. There are so many women who were called brave just because they are people in bodies.”

In her most recent role as Gloria in “Barbie: The Movie,” Ferrera expressed her desire for the entertainment industry to allow her, and others like her, the freedom to be authentic. She hopes to move beyond predefined roles and not be confined to representing societal expectations.

“I want to be more of who I am as a person, and to get to make art that doesn’t fit into any of the boxes and isn’t about the dominant conversation people have wanted to have about me because I’m a woman who doesn’t fit into stereotypical Hollywood,” Ferrera asserted.

In 2007, Ferrera achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first Latina to win an Emmy for her lead role in “Ugly Betty.” Her journey continues to challenge industry norms and inspire a more inclusive narrative.