“Priyanka Chopra Stands Firm Against Co-Actor’s Scene Imposition”



“Priyanka Chopra Stands Up Against Co-Actor’s Imposition on Film Scene”


Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently shared an incident from her career where she refused to be bullied by a co-actor. In an interview, she recalled how a co-actor in a ‘hit’ film attempted to impose his interpretation of a scene on her, leading to a halt in the film’s shooting for the day.

Priyanka expressed that she has reached a point in her career where she can stand up against such behavior and assert herself. She explained that a film scene is a collaborative effort, not just one person’s domain.

She mentioned that she had encountered co-actors who insisted on solo performances, dictating how the scene should unfold without considering others. These actors wouldn’t wait for her to finish her lines or even take a pause because they had decided how the scene should be played out.

When the moderator, Bhumi Pednekar, asked if Priyanka had experienced co-actors trying to direct her in a scene, Priyanka confirmed and expressed her frustration. She explained that she is open to suggestions from the director, senior actors, or those she admires, but she doesn’t appreciate someone demanding that she cater to their vision of the scene.

In the incident she described, during a monologue where the actor was supposed to express his feelings about her, he refused to even make eye contact. Priyanka had to intervene and gently protest because she couldn’t deliver her lines as intended. She approached the filmmaker to address the issue, emphasizing the need for her co-actor to listen to how she was delivering her lines.